Carnival Game Rentals

Penguin Fish Fling Carnival Game

Penguin Fish Fling

Children stomp on the launcher, flipping the rubber fish into the penguin's picnic basket. Penguin Fish Fling can be set up in less than five minutes and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Big Splash

Big Splash

Throw the ball, hit the target, and the bucket dumps water on the participant's head. This game is a great substitute to a dunk tank!

Krazy Kans Carnival Game

Krazy Kans

Krazy Kans is a table-top carnival game. The games comes with the box, platform, 5 cans and 3 bean bags. The game involves the player throwing 3 bean bags  attempting to knock all 5 cans completely off  of the platform.

Pitch Out Carnival Game

Pitch Out

The Pitch Out carnival game comes with the game board and 2 dead baseballs. This game involves the player throwing 2 baseballs through a hole in the board. If the player gets 3 balls in the hole, the player wins.

Cover the Spot

Cover the Spot

This table-top carnival game comes with the game board and 5 discs. This games involves the player dropping five discs on the board. The player must completely cover the red circle to win.


Suction Dart Game

The Suction Dart carnival game comes complete with game board support leg, plexiglass front and 3 suction darts. Dimensions are 32″h x 24″w x 12″d.


Stop and Throw

The Stop and Throw carnival game comes complete with game board with stand and 3 whiffle softballs. Dimensions are 32″h x 18″w x 24″l.

Bucket Brigade Balloon Splash Carnival Game

Bucket Brigade Balloon Splash

Bucket Brigade Balloon Splash is a great water game for all ages. A water balloon is suspended over the participant's head, another player throws a ball at the target and if the target is hit, the water balloon is popped over the head of the person seated in the "wet seat".